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Five Star Design develops distinctive websites. Each site is individually designed from a marketing perspective matching your corporate image and brand.

Brand consistency is particularly important, using existing corporate colours, logo and tag line used off-line, should also be incorporated into the website design.

Design for your audience, make it easy and comfortable for the first-time visitor or the 50th time they come back but not forgetting who you are designing this website for. Remember, having the flashiest website is not for all people or clients.

Research shows that a remarkably high number of people online will switch brands after researching the product or service they are wanting to purchase. This has nothing to do with bells and whistles but rather with the user experience, quality of information, level of expertise and trust.

Bring your business to the world with our professional designs.

Business Strategy

The truth is, marketing of any kind, if it is to succeed, is about having a winning strategy. The word ‘strategy’ itself is originally a military term for a plan to defeat the enemy. Surprise attacks, overpowering strength, guerrilla warfare are just three military strategies commonly translated into marketing plans. There are many more, and we call on them all.


Search Engine Optimization

After creating your website using the Divi website builder for WordPress, our servers will provide all the storage, bandwidth, and server speed to make interacting with your website seamless and worry free. Included with all our website hosting packages is our professional email, spam filtering and virus scanning.

Digital Marketing

Harness the potency of strategic digital marketing to elevate your online presence and engage with your target audience. Maximize visibility, foster meaningful connections, and position your brand as a formidable force in the competitive market. Unlock the full potential of your online presence through a well-executed digital marketing strategy.

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Our preferred website builder for WordPress comes from Divi template designs in addition, we can create custom client designs and WordPress templates.

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